Case Sharing

Case Sharing

After the painful experience with SARS epidemic in 2003, Taiwan has been committed to Chinese medicine treatment research. In 2020, National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine and Tri-Services General Hospital teamed up to fight against COVID-19 and created medicine formula called NRICM101.

The clinical data show that among 33 confirmed patients including 12 severely ill elderly, who have been hospitalized for 21 days without improvement, tested negative three consecutive times within 9 days after taking the NRICM101, with no side effects or interaction between Chinese and Western medicine. It has been published in well-known international medical journal “Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy” in November 2020.

Successful cases

# Elderly couple tested negative three consecutive times within 8 days after taking the NRICM101.

The 71-year-old man was confirmed and hospitalized with COVID-19 disease in late March 2020. After 10 days his wife was also confirmed infected. Both of them belonged to the high-risk group of elderly age and chronic diseases, with the symptoms of arrhythmia after taking quinine.
In early April, the elderly couple was given the NRICM101 treatment and tested negative three consecutive times within 8 days and continued to take NRCIM101 for 2 more weeks after being discharged from the hospital. One month later lung functions have returned to normal.

# No pulmonary fibrosis after treatment.

The NRICM101 can help relieve symptoms such as fever, cough, sputum, muscle aches, diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of taste and decreased blood oxygen. Six confirmed people recovered from the disease free of symptoms after Chinese Medicine treatment in the Central Hospital of Taiwan. Two of the patients showed extensive ground glass lesions in the lungs and significant infiltration, but the formula helped prevent the illness from getting worse. After being discharged from the hospital they continued the Chinese Medicine treatment till the next visit. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing and fatigue all disappeared. Also, significant improvement in lung lesions occurred and no pulmonary fibrosis happened.

# The clinical treatment of NRICM101 can reduce the length of hospitalization.

The clinical treatment research of NRICM101 shows the analysis of more than 30 confirmed patients with 14 patients taking the NRICM101 treatment. The results indicate that the treatment can reduce fever and the hospitalization and stabilize cardiopulmonary function with no side effects or interaction between Chinese and Western medicine.

# Tested positive for 60 days, taking the NRICM101 and test negative three consecutive times within 6 days.

The initial confirmed cases of COVID-19 disease in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who have been tested positive and hospitalized for 60 days, tested negative three consecutive times within 6 days after NRICM101 treatment.

# The Chronic patients who tested negative after taking NRICM101 within 5 to 9 days.

Male and female patients with symptoms such as high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia, tested negative within 5 to 9 days after receiving NRICM101 treatment.

Under the mutual comparison of multiple clinical tests, experiments and researches, it can be proved that NRICM101 not only prevents the disease and shows antiviral effect but also inhibits the cytokine storm (organ damage or failure due to excessive defensive behavior of the immune system) effectively.

In January 2021, Likang Biotechnical Co., Ltd has been officially authorized to manufacture and export NRICM101.